Media Campaign Targets Gov's Tax Proposals

A non-profit group is targeting tax changes proposed by Governor John Bel Edwards.  

"Truth in Politics" reportedly is led by a businessman from Baton Rouge.  The group has launched a media campaign urging residents to call their representatives in the legislature to press for state spending cuts rather than adjustments in taxes.

The organization tells The Advocate the group has raised $1 million.

In its first video, the Governor is accused of raising taxes "on nearly everything."

“Food, school supplies, clothes... things we need every day, giving us the highest sales taxes in the nation," the narrator says. 

Graphics in the ad also point to Gov. Edwards’ $2.4 billion increase in taxes and fees in the 2016 state budget.

“Louisianans have been misled to believe that without massive tax increases, they can’t have TOPS, hospitals will be shuttered and basic services will be cancelled,” said Kelli Bottger, executive director of TIP. “The people of Louisiana deserve the truth, and the truth is we are paying more and seeing less than we were a few years ago.”

Bottger says the group will continually release content, including traditional and social media videos, infographics and more, to alert Louisianans of policies that impact their lives.

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