Landrieu Blasts Trump and Forms 'NOLA PAC'

In an email to his supporters, the Democrat Mayor of New Orleans has encouraged people to "fight back" against the Trump administration by joining "NOLA PAC," which he describes as a "leadership project."

Mitch Landrieu says it "will support people and activities that keep New Orleans moving forward together."

"I'm going to be writing you to ask you to be part of the work on the latest issues I'm working on, because I want you with me as I fight for our city every day."

In his email, the mayor says of the President, "we know he'll try to move us backwards on everything we've fought for -- public safety, affordable healthcare and housing, and protecting our environment. Now, it's up to us to take the lead."

In his pitch for support, Landrieu says the president's proposed budget "eliminates funding for some of the most critical programs that we depend on every day."

"It will make it harder for us to keep our city safe, harder to provide affordable housing to our residents, and harder to respond to climate change's effect on New Orleans," Landrieu added.

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