Fox 8: Residents Getting Sandbags, Moving Cars

(FOX 8/WVUE) Monday, New Orleans residents looked for higher ground and sandbags in anticipation of heavy rains from Tropical Storm Harvey expected to impact the city.

Dozens of cars lined the neutral ground along S. Jefferson Davis Pkwy. and other areas of the city. 

City employees are also manning sandbagging locations 24/7 until the threat of flooding is over. 

Sandbags are available for pickup at the following New Orleans Fire Department stations:

  • Station 13: 987 Robert E. Lee Blvd.
  • Station 16: 2000 Martin Luther King Blvd.
  • Station 17: 4115 Woodland Ave.
  • Station 27: 2118 Elysian Fields Ave.
  • Station 36: 5403 Read Road

The City's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and New Orleans Fire Department said crews have distributed over 35,800 sandbags since starting distribution on August 14.

With the city's diminished drainage capacity, residents are concerned about what Monday night could bring and they say they is a certain level of distrust of the Mayor's Mitch Landrieu's office. 

"There's a good bit of ambiguity built up with that. It's not good. We pay a lot in taxes here so we want the streets not the flood. I mean all the cars are up over here parked on the hill for a little storm.  I guess that's the new norm," Lakeview resident Lee McLean said. 

"The City sent the Sewage and Water Board out, and they were working on our drain here all day and then today when it started to rain again it still wasn't draining. It's just been really frustrating knowing there were things that could've been done that weren't done, and it cost a lot of people on the street a lot of hardship and a lot of money," Mid City resident Elizabeth Hurstell said.

Photo: Fox 8

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