Chalmette Man Allegedly Kills Ex-Wife With Ax

St. Bernard Parish sheriff's detectives are continuing to investigate yesterday's alleged ambush-style ax killing of a woman by her ex-husband.

The attack happened at the home of 48-year-old Kim Owens in Chalmette.  The suspect, Mark Owens, surrendered to authorities later.

FOX 8 reports:

A witness, who FOX 8 is not identifying, described the horrific scene that unfolded in broad daylight. 

"I was on my porch and I hear a woman screaming, I thought it was a friend of mine so, I walked into the street to see what was going on because I saw a man and I saw him swinging something, I didn't know what it was, it could have been a bat so, I got in my car because I thought it was my friend and got to where we are now when I realized what he had in his hand, it was an ax and I saw what he was doing with it," the witness said.  

The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office says 56-year-old Mark Owens may have been hiding under his ex-wife's house when he ambushed her. 

"Early indications tell us that he may have been waiting for her to leave to go to work which would have been around that 8 a.m. time, when she exited the house and was walking toward her vehicle, at that point we believe the attack happened," said St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jimmy Pohlman.

He had once accused his then wife of having an affair with St. Bernard Parish President Dave Peralta.

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