Algiers woman robbed, run over with her own car

A woman on the West Bank is recovering after a thief stole her car and ran her over with it in her driveway.

The victim said she was just getting home to her house on Huntlee Drive in Algiers after watching the Saints game when the person attacked her from behind.

“I was fumbling around for the keys and was about to stick it in when he came up behind me and he gave me a push, and my hand went up and he grabbed the key at that point,” the victim said.

That’s when she says the man turned to her car, a green Honda Accord, and tried to get away.

“I was trying to get it back, trying to get it back from him, and he kept warding me off with his right hand,” she said. “He was getting in the car, I'm still holding on to the edge of the door, my fingers were bleeding a little bit, from trying to [stop him] and my legs got under there and he ran over them.”

The woman said she just moved to the neighborhood on Friday and thinks the person may have tried to target her.

“He peeled forward. I guess he had it in neutral and then he shoved it into drive and went twice into the carport door and then he peeled backward and backed out,” she said.

The attack left her with gashes, road burn, cuts and bruises on her legs, even though she thinks the man didn’t want her hurt.

“I don't think he wanted to hurt me, but he did hurt me. That was a violent crime,” she said.

She said her 2004 Accord has the license plate 408ALF and has a scratch or dent mark on the driver’s side panel.

If you have information that can help catch the suspect, contact New Orleans police or Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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