Officer Adopts Drug-Addicted Baby After A Message From God

A police officer made a monumental decision after he found a pregnant woman using drugs behind a convenience store.

Albuquerque police officer Ryan Holets was investigating a bank robbery, when he found 35-year-old Crystal Champ and a companion injecting heroin, and decided to confront them.

He turned on his bodycam to chastise the pair before he realized Champ was about eight months pregnant.  

"You’re going to kill your baby," Holets is heard saying on the bodycam footage. "Why do you have to be doing that stuff? It’s going to ruin your baby."

While the video initially saw Holets write out a citation, he decided to stop and listen to Champ's story.

"It's not every day I see a sight like that," Holets told CNN. "It just made me really sad."

Champ said she had been addicted to heroin and crystal meth her entire life. Living in a tent alongside a highway in New Mexico, she spends up to $50 just to get her fix of drugs. While Champ said she's tried multiple times to get clean, she's failed every time.

"I did give up. I just decided this was going to be my life," Champ said. "It just keeps coming back and ruining my life."

It was then Holets made a decision that would change his life forever.

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