FOX 8: Mayor-Elect Welcomes Credit Card Investigation

(WVUE/FOX 8) At a transition team meeting Monday, New Orleans Mayor-Elect Latoya Cantrell told more than 200 handpicked volunteers and paid administrators she is focused on issues facing the city despite the ongoing investigation into her use of a city-issued credit card while serving on the City Council.

"I know that I am under a microscope. I don't know how big that sucker is, but it's big. But that's okay. It's okay," Cantrell told the crowd. "We're not going to let those frame the transition for us because we are going to frame it for ourselves by being focused on what we know the challenges are, and there are real challenges."

As Cantrell turns her attention to becoming mayor, the ongoing investigation moves through the legal system.

Recently, the Louisiana Supreme Court appointed retired Baton Rouge Judge Freddie Pitcher as an "ad hoc" to determine if the Orleans Criminal District Court judges should be recused from further issues concerning the Louisiana Attorney General's investigation.

AG Jeff Landry wants to have all of the Orleans Criminal Court judges recuse themselves. Landry said six judges refused to sign a subpoena to have Cantrell turn over personal financial records already, five of those citing a conflict of interest.

Public records obtained by FOX 8 showed questionable purchases on Cantrell's city-issued credit card including drinks, turkeys, meals and even feminine products.

Cantrell paid back more than $4,000 to the city just days before she qualified to run for mayor.

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