NOPD Officer To Be Honored by Council


A New Orleans Police Officer who saved a woman during last week's flooding will be honored this week by the city council. 

The rescue was caught on video during a live report. 

A woman drove around police cars, and went right into the floodwaters under the Carrollton underpass. 

Officer Brian Frank ran into the water and pulled her out through her car window. 

The woman, identified as Jeannie Higgins, apparently did not see or ignored police vehicles with their lights flashing, as well as an officer's call for her to stop, instead driving straight into the deep water.

Higgins appeared shaken but unharmed as she was carried to safety by Officer Frank.

"It felt like a movie," Frank said. "I didn’t want the car to get too deep. I pulled her out, but the car kept going."

Reporter: "Are you trained for this?"

Frank: "No I can’t swim."

Police Chief Michael Harrison said later in a phone interview that he was extremely proud of the officer's actions.

"It's very heroic," he said. "I'm extremely proud. What we want to do is make sure our citizens are not in that kind of position." 

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