Jefferson Chamber Young Professionals Unveil Metairie Flag

Metairie may not be a incorporated city, but it does now have it own flag.

Jefferson Chamber Young Professionals, an arm of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, unveiled the flag this week. It features a white stripe slashing through a blue background with golden fleur-de-lis and a red background with golden coeur-de-lis.

“The couer de lis is both a historic and fresh perspective on our more familiar local icon. It’s the blossoming heart of the fleur de lis,” explained the JCYP Flag Committee in a press release announcing the result of 18 months of research, design and selection. “There’s also a noticeable dialogue among the flag’s symbols, a conversation between our youth and maturity, our past and present, our history and future.”

The flag also carries the silent motto of Ardentibus Cordibus Floremus - “With ardent hearts, we flourish.”

“Metairie holds a significant place in the history of Greater New Orleans. To know our young people have taken it upon themselves to recognize the spirit of this great piece of Jefferson Parish should bring us all tremendous civic pride,” said Councilwoman Jennifer Van Vrancken, whose district includes the majority of Metairie, said in the press release. “This flag is a true representation of our community, our values, our residents, where we’ve been and where we see ourselves going. Congratulations to the JCYP for turning this bright idea into a reality.”

You can read more about the meaning of the flag here.

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