Coast Guard Rescues 15 From Sinking Liftboat in Gulf

A photo of the listing 134-foot liftboat Ram XVIII from the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard in New Orleans reports that 15 people are okay after being rescued early Sunday morning from a sinking 134-foot liftboat. 

The vessel wound up listing at a 45-degree angle in the Gulf off of Grand Isle as it took on water and had no power.

Guardsmen rescued nine people, while a Good Samaritan vessel in the area rescued the other six. There was no immediate word on what led to the liftboat's problems.

"During the time the vessel was still taking on water, a steel tank filled with soap fell over the side, causing a hazard to navigation. The liftboat has approximately 13,900 gallons of diesel onboard. There are currently no reports of discharge," said a Coast Guard press release.


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