Boycott Bowl Organizers Present NORD Foundation With Donation Check

New Orleans Saints fans upset about their team's elimination from the playoffs channeled that anger into a good cause - an over $57,000 donation to the NORD Foundation.

A ceremonial check was presented to the foundation Friday by organizers of the Boycott Bowl, an event held on Super Bowl Sunday to give fans something else to do other than watch the game. Attendees were asked to make a $10 donation and the event was sold out in just five days.

The following comments from event organizers came from a City of New Orleans Press Release:

“As a former athlete at NORD's Harrell Playground in the 17th Ward, this makes me so excited to have helped raise this much money for the NORD Foundation. This truly is the City of Yes, where someone can take a good idea and turn it into a reality in just two weeks with the help of family, friends and city officials. Anything is possible in the City of Yes!,” said Boycott Bowl co-founder Walter “Kango Slimm” Williams Jr.
“This event was a combination of what makes New Orleans like no other city: our passionate citizens and their ideas, our incredible musicians and live music industry, our top-notch hospitality industry, our budding technology industry, and a really, really good excuse to party. We stole the show from the biggest show in the entire world. These two weeks have made me cherish being a born, raised and current New Orleanian!,” said Boycott Bowl co-founder Travis Laurendine.
“I am amazed by the response our community had for the event, and also humbled by the Who Dat Nation for turning a negative into a positive by raising funds for NORD. I’m very fortunate to have had Travis and Walter be the first two people to believe in this, and they went above and beyond to make the fundraiser a major success,” said Boycott Bowl co-founder Brandon Rizzuto.

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