Morganza Spillway Opening Delayed Indefinitely

Army Corps To Open Spillway In Louisiana To Ease Flooding

After a number of delays, any opening of the Morganza Spillway is now postponed indefinitely.

Current Mississippi River forecasts do not show a need to operate the floodway, though the Army Corps of Engineers tells us that with a long high-water season expected, they will continue to monitor forecasts and will reassess whether to use the spillway if needed.

"Operation of the structure will be a consideration until the Mississippi River crests and begins to fall. The expected crest at Morganza is on or about June 15, but it will then remain high for two weeks or more," said a press release. "The Army Corps of Engineers only intends to operate the structure when needed as to not put additional water into the Atchafalaya Basin."

The most recent announced date for possible use of the Morganza Spillway was to be this Sunday. It would have opened for only the third time in its history.

Photo: Getty Images

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