New Orleans City Officials Provide Update On Building Collapse

New Orleans city officials say not much has changed at the collapse site of the Hard Rock Hotel.

Fire Chief Tim McConnell says they're remaining optimistic about the missing individual, but they know time is of the essence. McConnell says search and rescue crews have now moved into the collapsed area where they believe the individual could be.

More experts are making their way to the area to help officials determine not only what the next steps should be for the immediate future, but also steps further down the line.

He told those around the collapse site to listen for three air horns twice in a row, as that will indicate people in the area need to evacuate as quickly as possible.

Evacuation Zone Expanded Around Hard Rock Hotel Collapse Site - Thumbnail Image

Evacuation Zone Expanded Around Hard Rock Hotel Collapse Site

Another concern addressed was the mental health of victims, family members and the first responders.

A counselor will be located at the main library not far from the site for those who may need someone to talk to.

New Orleans Police Department Chief Shaun Ferguson thanked the community for working with the city and asks them to continue doing so.

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