Pediatricians Now Seeing Rare Illness Linked To COVID-19

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New Orleans pediatricians are now seeing an illness believed to be connected to the coronavirus infection that has killed at least three children in New York.

Dr. Jake Kleinmahon, who is a pediatric cardiologist at Ochsner Hospital for Children, says he has treated three patients in the city suffering from the disease known as Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome.

Doctors say the illness is similar to Kawasaki's Disease or Toxic Shock Syndrome, causing organs like the heart, the kidneys, and the liver to start to fail or become close to failure.

While doctors say they are concerned by what they're seeing, they stress that the syndrome is rare and in most cases, the prognosis is good.

Health officials say parents should look out for and seek medical attention if you notice symptoms like a high fever, rash, redness of the white part of the eyes, cracking of the lips and tongue, abdominal pain, not wanting to eat, vomiting, and respiratory problems.

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