LDH: COVID-19 Death Count Now Over 4,000; Hospitalization Count Falls Again

(Getty Images)

The death count from COVID-19 in Louisiana since the beginning of the pandemic rose to over 4,000 in Thursday's update from the state Department of Health.

50 additional deaths brought the toll to 4,028.

Hospitalizations and the number of patients on vents fell to 1,457 and 215 respectively, down 14 and 7 from Wednesday's update.

State health officials also reported 1,345 additional cases. Following the daily removal of newly-discovered duplicates and out of state cases, that brought the running total of coronavirus cases in Louisiana to 127,246 since the pandemic began.

LDH said the collection dates for most of the new cases fell between July 30 and August 6. 94% came from community spread and 31% are from those aged 29 and younger.

More detailed information is available on the Louisiana Department of Health's online COVID-19 dashboard.

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