Fewer Hospitalized And On Vents Due To COVID-19 In Louisiana

(Getty Images)

The downward trend continued for patients hospitalized due to the coronavirus in Friday's update from the Louisiana Department of Health.

That amount was lower by 36 to 1,051. The number of those on ventilators also dipped slightly by six to 172.

LDH reported an additional 1,093 cases, which brought the running total to 141,720 after the daily removal of newly identified duplicates and out of state cases.

The department tweeted that most of the cases (94%) were collected between August 14 and August 21. 84% involved community spread and 32% came from those 29 and younger.

The death count from the coronavirus was 4,546 with 50 additional deaths reported.

More detailed information is available on the Louisiana Department of Health's online COVID-19 dashboard.

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