LSU Has New Helmet To Help Protect Players From COVID-19

(Photo: Chris Parent, LSU Athletics)

LSU and a tech company teamed up to create a helmet that protects players from the coronavirus.

The new devices have cooling technology powered by fans to allow air circulation through the helmets.

“Players always talk about how nice it is when there’s a breeze outside, and this new helmet technology creates a similar sensation of coolness,” LSU Director of Athletic Training Jack Marucci said. “The benefit is even greater for players who wear protective eye shields because it eliminates the possibility of any fog developing inside that can obstruct the player’s vision.”

LSU's Office of Innovation and Technology Commercialization filed a patent for the new cooling technology.

The new gear is being tested by LSU players.

“Player health and safety is a top priority at LSU,” football coach Ed Orgeron said. “Our staff makes sure our players have the best equipment and technology so we can have them on the field as safe as possible.”

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