WATCH: Louisiana Woman's Viral Video Documents Inspiring Journey

Photo: Getty Images

A Lake Charles woman's inspirational video has gone viral after she documented her journey hiking up the Manitou Incline in Colorado.

Over the weekend, Kiah Mansell posted a video to her TikTok showing the process of her climbing up hundreds of steps, which she said is the equivalent to walking up 190 floors. As of Wednesday (June 9), the video has been viewed over 2 million times and has nearly 420,000 likes.

"I decided it would be fun to take little snippets of video throughout the day to pose to my family and friends, and that was a fun thing on Facebook for them to follow along," she said. "At the end of the day, I strung those videos together and posted them on my TikTok, and it just blew up."

Throughout the video, Mansell documents the progress she makes as she climbs around 2,000 feet in elevation, a feat she claims she wouldn't have been able to meet even six months ago, KPLC reports.

"Well, part of it was because I was about 35 pounds heavier, six months ago, and so I've been on this weight loss journey and health journey," she said. "I'm not as concerned with the numbers on the scale more as how my overall body feels and where I'm going in the long run."

Like many people around Lake Charles, Mansell has gone through many changes over the past year. That's what makes the ending of her video so meaningful as she gets emotional at the top of the trail.

"Part of that change is that I've had to learn to do things on my own, and to be on my own in a lot of ways, and to be able to accomplish something that seems so huge, really impacted me in that moment, and made me feel that there is nothing in this world that can stop me from achieving my goals."