This Restaurant Has The Best Chicken Wings In New Orleans

Photo: Getty Images

Chicken wings are the ultimate party food. Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a night out at your favorite sports bar or restaurant, it's hard to find a more popular snack choice. Since there are plenty of great spots around New Orleans with good chicken wings, Yelp has narrowed down the search to help you discover the best restaurants around the city for wings.

So which New Orleans restaurant has the highest-rated wings?

Fharmacy Nola

According to Yelp, this neighborhood favorite serves up the best wings in all of New Orleans, and with 4.5 stars and nearly 450 reviews, it seems to be a hit. Fharmacy is also the restaurant with the highest-rated burgers in the city. Their crispy fried wings come with your choice of six sauces or you could go extra spicy with the "Emergency Room" and "ICU" sauces.

Fharmacy Nola is located at 2540 Banks Street. For more information, visit their website here.

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