NHC: No Named Storms In Atlantic

For the first time in a while, there are no named storms in the Atlantic.

There is just one name remaining in the 2021 list - Wanda - but it appears the National Hurricane Center won't have to use it in the next five days.

There is one area off the U.S. East Coast that the NHC is keeping an eye on, but it has a very low chance of further development.

"A surface trough located about 200 miles east of the east coast of Florida continues to produce disorganized showers and thunderstorms well to the east of its axis due to strong upper-level winds," said forecasters. "These winds are not expected to be conducive for significant development of this system while it moves slowly northward and then northeastward off the southeastern United States coast during the next few days. By the weekend, the system is forecast to interact with a front near the coast of the southeastern United States, which should also limit tropical development."

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