Blue Roof Installed On Wrong House In Algiers, Damaging New Roof

Multi-family housing units with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers blue roofs following Hurricane Ida

Aerial footage showing U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' installation of temporary, fiber-reinforced plastic sheeting, "blue roofs," on homes damaged by Hurricane Ida, Gretna, Louisiana. (Photo courtesy of USACE contractor)

The Corps of Engineers has installed one blue roof too many in its effort to help Louisiana residents affected by Hurricane Ida.

Toni Dunbar of New Orleans says a crew nailed a blue tarp onto her roof sometime last week when nobody was home.

She says the roof on her home in Algiers was only three months old and hadn't suffered storm damage, but now has dozens of nail holes in it.

The Corps of Engineers has apologized, saying a contractor put the tarp on the wrong house, and will either repair Dunbar's roof or replace it.

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