Hospital Patient Arrested For Turning Off Other Patient's Oxygen Machine

Ventilator in an operating room

Photo: Glowimages RF

An elderly hospital patient was arrested after she turned off the oxygen machine being used by another patient in her room. Authorities in the German city of Mannheim said that the 72-year-old woman got out of her bed and switched off the machine because it was making a noise that disturbed her.

Staff at the hospital quickly realized the machine was powered down and turned it back on. They informed the woman that the other patient required oxygen to live and asked her not to unplug it again.

About an hour later, the woman turned off the machine for a second time. Hospital staff rushed back to the room and resuscitated the patient.

The woman who turned off the machine was taken into custody and transferred to a correctional facility. She is facing charges of attempted manslaughter.

Officials said that the other patient is recovering but still remains in the intensive care unit.

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