Vappie Attendance At HANO Meetings May Be Payroll Fraud

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Jeffrey Vappie may have more questions to answer about his time working security for New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

Vappie told investigators he attended Housing Authority of New Orleans board meetings because Cantrell asked him to.

Vappie attended at least some of the meetings while on the clock for the police department, and legal experts tell FOX 8 that could be payroll fraud.

According to FOX 8 Investigations, which obtained recordings of NOPD Public Integrity Bureau interviews:

“Was there any reason why you would attend that board meeting while you’re on the clock for NOPD?” the interviewer asked.
“Yeah, absolutely; with the permission of the mayor. She made... she wanted me to attend those meetings. It was one meeting every Tuesday of the month,” Vappie replied.
“You received no instruction from an NOPD supervisor to attend that meeting?” the interviewer asked.
“None. No. I had instruction from my boss who I was working for at the time, the mayor,” Vappie answered.
“And the mayor instructed you to go to the meeting while on the clock?” the interviewer continued.
“That’s correct,” Vappie said.

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