Suspected Drunk Driver Busted After Unwittingly Calling 911 On Himself

Drunk Man covering his face from police car light

Photo: PaulBiryukov / iStock / Getty Images

A suspected drunk driver got himself busted after calling 911. The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office released a 911 call from a driver who reported a truck was driving on the wrong side of Highway 77 in Nebraska.

"I'm on Highway 77 going north, and then, somebody's on the wrong side of the road," the driver told the dispatcher. "He had his brights on, man. He almost ran me off the road."

"That was gnarly. That was, like, a lot," he added.

A deputy responded and realized that it wasn't a truck driving on the wrong side of the highway, it was the man who called 911. The officer caught up with the driver and pulled him over. After taking the driver into custody, the officer asked him if he was the one who called 911 about a truck on the wrong side of the highway.

"Yeah, because I thought somebody was on the wrong side of the f****** road, bro," the driver told the deputy.

"Turns out it was you," the deputy responded.

"Yeah. Like a dumb a**," the driver said.

The sheriff's office said that the driver had a blood alcohol content of over twice the legal limit.

"Thankfully, an @LSOnebraska deputy was able to arrest this driver before anyone was seriously hurt," the sheriff's office said on X.

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