National Paranormal Day is Appropriately Odd

Ghost hunters, UFO enthusiasts, and fans of high strangeness have reason to celebrate as it is National Paranormal Day.

In keeping with the curious subject matter recognized on May 3rd, National Paranormal Day is something of an enigma itself.

The website Days of the Year says that the holiday has been celebrated  since 2013, yet there seems to be no record of who created National  Paranormal Day nor why they chose this specific date.

The only readily apparent connection to the topic seems to be that May  3rd was the day that Charles Fort, seen by many as the proverbial father  of paranormal research, died.

However, as with the origin of UFOs and the nature of Bigfoot, this is, fittingly, pure speculation.

More on the odd nature of National Paranormal Day at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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