French Riot Police Beat & Arrest Woman For Protesting COVID Rules

Mind blowing to witness how quickly these western democracies have turned to tyranny under the guise of “public health”.

Numerous videos posted to social media shows French riot police officers attacking protestor who demonstrated against COVID passports by going into a mall unmasked.

Over the weekend, hundreds of people forced their way into the Forum des Halles shopping center, amid a nationwide string of demonstrations against the COVID restrictions and mandates. reports:

"To restore public order, authorities deployed a riot police unit, BRAV-M, a French acronym for the Motorized Brigades for the Repression of Violent Actions – even though the crowd was not even technically defying the ban on entering shopping centers without a health certificate, since Forum des Halles is one of a handful of Paris venues exempt from the coronavirus pass mandate...
In one of the clips widely shared online, at least half a dozen officers in full riot gear with batons and shields are seen rushing inside the underground station, ganging up on two women and knocking one of them down to the ground. One of the cops is also seen pushing the camera operator aside.
While it’s unclear why the women were arrested, the brutality of the response was almost unanimously denounced as excessive. Many called the officers “cowards” who were not that brave in the face of a larger crowd.”

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