Miami Football Fans Save Cat From Upper Deck Fall With US Flag

Watch the video above with the sound on.

The most incredible (& hilarious) play on Saturday in a college football stadium took place in the stands.

At Hard Rock Stadium during Miami’s game against Appalachian State, a stray cat somehow ended up daggling from the upper deck.

You could hear the ladies in the crowd scream as it became obvious that the cat would fall.

As the cat lost its grips, some dudes below had an outstretched America flag to catch the cat.

As they caught the cat, one of the dudes held up the cat Simba-style and the crowd erupted.

Simba even trended on twitter.

The Miami Herald caught up with the dude who made the catch, Craig Cromer, he says that it was “probably the strangest thing that’s happened.”

The Herald reports:

"Early in the second quarter of No. 22 Miami’s home-opener against the Appalachian State Mountaineers, a murmur rose up from the student section at Hard Rock Stadium. The students, many attending their first-ever home game, noticed a cat dangling from the upper deck. The Cromers turned around and first thought it was a dog. Another fan nearby thought it was someone’s kid.
Once the Cromers realized what was happening, they sprung into action. Craig ripped his flag free from his zip-ties, and he and his wife stretched it out to create a landing pad for the terrified cat.
They stood there for about two or three minutes while, Craig estimated, while the cat peed on the fans below.
“It seemed like it took forever,” Craig said.
Eventually, the cat lost its grip and tumbled down toward the suite level. The Craigs’ flag did just enough to break the fall and let a group of students in the section below grab it as it fell to the ground.
The entire corner of the stadium in Miami Gardens, right by Miami’s tunnel, erupted in cheers as one student raised the cat in the air like it was Simba from “The Lion King.”

It appeared from the video, that the cat was scratching the crap out of the dude but he didn’t care.

Another angle.

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