Woman Uses Toddler to Help Steal Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Meat In NOLA

Simply awful, what kind of garbage human being.

Po-po in New Orleans are now looking for a women who they say stole hundreds of dollars of meat from a local grocery store with the help of a very young toddler.

The store surveillance cameras captured the incident.

The woman and the child fled in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class SUV.

WWL-TV reports:

"It was Monday night a week ago around 7:30, when a woman leaves the Oak Park Save A Lot grocery store carrying $300 worth of meat without checking out and paying. Following behind her is a little girl. Police say she is the age of a toddler. She is carrying stolen food as well...
Next, a store employee comes up to the child...
Meanwhile, the woman leaves the store and the child behind. 
After that interaction, the little girl runs out and joins the woman and police say they got away in a in a black Mercedes-Benz E-Class SUV. We don't know what the motive is at this time. There are headlines around the country of meat theft since it costs so much now. In those cases, it is immediately sold to independently owned markets, bars and restaurants."

Dr. Michelle Moore, an LSU Health clinical child psychologist, tells WWL-TV, "certainly we know that the first five years of life are when a lot of those concepts really get formed, to understand how to behave how to respond to your emotions...”

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