Lisa Weakens, Martin Churns & NHC Highlights Two Areas Of Interest

The final month of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season continues to keep forecasters busy, with two named systems and two areas of interest in the Atlantic.

Despite this, there is no immediate threat to Louisiana or the northern Gulf Coast.

Lisa, despite weakening to a tropical depression after making landfall Wednesday, continued to bring heavy rains to parts of southeastern Mexico.

The National Hurricane Center said that while Lisa's center is expected to enter the Bay of Campeche, conditions are not favorable for the system to re-intensify.

The NHC noted that Hurricane Martin was close to making the transition to a post-tropical system over the central north Atlantic.

Martin's wind field also continued to impress. "Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 70 miles from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 520 miles," said forecasters.

The National Hurricane Center also highlighted the following areas in the Atlantic for possible development:

Northwestern Atlantic:

Disorganized showers and thunderstorms are associated with a weak non-tropical area of low pressure located a few hundred miles east of Bermuda. Environmental conditions are expected to be marginally conducive for slow subtropical or tropical development of this system during the next few days as it moves slowly southward today and then turns westward by the weekend. The disturbance is expected to merge with a larger system developing to its southwest by the end of the weekend and further development is not anticipated at that time.

Southwestern Atlantic:

A large non-tropical low pressure system is expected to develop this weekend over the northeastern Caribbean sea and southwestern Atlantic. The system is expected to initially be very broad and disorganized, but environmental conditions could support gradual subtropical or tropical development beginning early next week while it moves generally northward or northwestward.

The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season ends on November 30.

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