Never Gonna Happen: Bernie Promises to Stop AIDS if Elected POTUS

Move over "Joe Biden cures cancer" and say hello to "Bernie Sanders stops AIDS".

File this Jeopardy question under the category Things That Will Never Happen.

If elected POTUS, Bernie Sanders has promised to stop all deaths from AIDS.

His plan, of course, will be to take all your money and spend it on his Medicare For All plan, which has an estimated cost of at least $34 trillion (and some healthcare experts estimate it will cost waaaay more than that amount).

But even if he taxes us all 100% of our income and spends it all on healthcare, that still won't change the fact that some people suffering with AIDS have severe mental health issues and live off the grid as homeless people. In other words, you can't help people who don't want help.

Bernie stopping AIDS is about as likely as Biden stopping cancer, which is another comically ambitious promise made by a politician this election season.

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