Lots of People Died While Dems Blocked Senate Bill w/ Pet Projects

You know how some members of the Far Left Democrat party love to say things like "people will die if we don't pass this healthcare bill"?

Generally when they make statements like that, what they are saying isn't even technically true: it's a misnomer intended to play on your emotions.

But yesterday we really saw an example of people dying while the clock ticked away and Democrats did nothing.

The Democrats version of the Senate coronavirus stimulus bill includes $35 million meant for John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts for some reason.

Why? Nobody knows - funding for the Kennedy Performance Art Center has nothing to do with helping out average out-of-work families during the coronavirus outbreak, but that clause was included in the bill along with rules for early voting in November and carbon emissions on airplanes.

Yes, the Democrats really are this petty and yesterday both Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Tom Cotton called them out for it.

Meanwhile Ted Cruz highlighted how many people died during this fiasco while the Democrats are playing games w/ a crisis.

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