Judge Hidalgo Extends "Stay At Home" to June (But She Still Doesn't Matter)

In just three years the American political Left went from "the resistance movement!" to "submit to the government now!"

And nobody in Southeast Texas is a bigger cheerleader for government submission than Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo.

Here in Harris County, Texas a 29-year-old progressive with no previous political or executive experience thinks she can control us.

She can't, and we'll explain why but first, here's what happened according to reporter Tierra Smith:

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is extending the “stay home, work safe” order. Her office confirmed Wednesday that the order will last through at least June 10.

On top of this new "order", Lina is also organizing an army of snitchers, known as "contract tracers", to keep track of your whereabouts and who you've been in associating with.

Harris County is training more than 300 people to serve as contact tracers as part of the county’s COVID-19 relief efforts, the county announced last week.

Lina says the stay at home order is necessary because data suggested there's still new reports of infections and deaths.

Hidalgo said the county isn’t back to normal. She said if people start going out too soon, the number of new cases could become too large for the tracers to keep up, which will make it much harder to contain an outbreak.

As Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has repeatedly proven in press conference after press conference, most of the "new" deaths are backlogged data, sometimes going back as far as a month or two before being officially reported.

Finally, local law enforcement leadership has already clearly explained that they don't have time to arrest people for opening their businesses or not wearing face masks. Houston Police Union President Joe Gamaldi has gone on record a number of times in the past couple of months saying officers in and around the city don't have time to arrest law abiding citizens because of a nonsensical order from Lina.

Lina is free to issue as many "orders" as she wants. And we're free to laugh at her.

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