Riot Fail: Antifa Attempted to Take Down Andrew Jackson Statue But Couldn't

A mob of angry Leftists paraded through Washington DC yesterday and attempted to create an autonomous zone across the street from the White House.

Long story short: it didn't work.

Haley Victory Smith:

Protesters in Washington, D.C., began setting up what they called the "Black House Autonomous Zone" or "BHAZ" near the White House.
Using fences and barricades, demonstrators attempted to create a perimeter in the area on Monday. It was unclear how large of an area they blocked off. St. John's Episcopal Church near Lafayette Park was tagged with spray paint spelling out the acronym.
Police were later able to establish a security perimeter in front of the church.

Meanwhile the President has issued a warning to the rioters as vandalism took place right outside the White House.

Edmund DeMarche reports:

President Trump took to Twitter late Monday to announce that “numerous people were arrested” in Washington, D.C., as protesters attempted to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square Park and — once again — targeted the nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church.
“Numerous people arrested in D.C. for the disgraceful vandalism, in Lafayette Park, of the magnificent Statue of Andrew Jackson, in addition to the exterior defacing of St. John’s Church across the street,” Trump tweeted. “10 years in prison under the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act. Beware!”
David L. Bernhardt, the secretary of the Interior Department, said he visited Lafayette Square and witnessed the destruction. He said the country “will not bow to anarchists. Law and order will prevail, and justice will be served.”

Poor Antifa; they didn't have enough upper body strength to topple Andrew Jackson. Maybe they should have hit the gym a little harder.

Protests Continue Around Black Lives Matter Plaza In Washington, DC

Protests Continue Around Black Lives Matter Plaza In Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 22: Protesters pull down a fence surrounding the statue of Andrew Jackson in an attempt to pull the statue down in Lafayette Square near the White House on June 22, 2020 in Washington, DC. Protests continue around the country over police brutality, racial injustice and the deaths of African Americans while in police custody. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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