Cracker Barrel Apologizes After Customer Complains about Offensive Lamp

If you thought America would become less hyper sensitive after the election ended, you were wrong.

Have you ever been to a Cracker Barrel restaurant? If so, you probably remember all the antique items the company uses to decorate the walls of the dining room.

Apparently some of those antiques are offensive.

Brittany M Hughes reports:

Cracker Barrel has apologized after a customer complained about a “noose” hanging from one of the old time country store’s ceilings.
Except that it wasn’t a noose. It was a cord hanging from an antique soldering iron, one of the myriad pieces of rusty old farm equipment that dangles over diners’ heads as they gorge on biscuits and fried okra at the ‘Barrel.
But the fact that not every string-like object hanging vertically from a beam is a symbol of the oppression of blacks back in the day, basic common sense and logic didn’t stop this fool from complaining about it on social media.
“Someone at Cracker Barrel in East Windsor need to explain why there are nooses on the ceiling,” progressive “blogger” Alfonso Robinson tweeted, aimed at a Connecticut Cracker Barrel location.
And instead of brushing off this idiocy as yet another example of being so “woke” that you’ve developed hallucination-inducing insomnia, Cracker Barrel actually apologized for the “error” and said they'd removed the offending item – despite it not being an “error” at all, and despite the fact that only one actual customer had complained.
"We’re sorry this happened. This antique electric soldering iron has an original wrapped cord that should not have been displayed. We have removed the item from our East Windsor store. Many thanks to the guest who notified us of this so that we could correct our error," Cracker Barrel wrote in a response on Twitter.

Florida, Vero Beach, Cracker Barrel Country Store, gift shop, Christmas merchandise. (Photo by: Jeff Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)