Texas Lawmakers Seek to Legalize Marijuana this Session

Republicans: it's time to defend liberty. You call yourselves advocates for small government, so prove it.

This is a no brainer. Why are we criminalizing plants?

Jolie McCullough reports:

With a state budget devastated by the coronavirus, some Democratic lawmakers are hoping the economic crisis could become an opportunity to coax Texas into joining a growing number of states opting to legalize - and tax - recreational marijuana use.
The chances are slim.
State Sen. Roland Gutierrez of San Antonio and state Rep. Joe Moody of El Paso filed bills this week in advance of the 2021 legislative session that would legalize, regulate and tax personal cannabis use. State Rep. Terry Canales of Edinburg has proposed putting the question of legalization to Texas voters.
The coronavirus pandemic has blown a $4.6 billion hole in the state budget, according to the comptroller's latest estimate, and the lawmakers argue that a legal marijuana industry could bring in hundreds of millions in tax revenue and create tens of thousands of jobs.
Voters in more and more states, they note, have legalized recreational cannabis use, including four more this month bringing the total to 15.
Willie Nelson Booking Photo

SIERRA BLANCA, TX - NOVEMBER 26: In this booking photo provided by the Hudspeth Country Sheriff's Department, musician Willie Nelson is seen in a booking photo November 26, 2010 in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Nelson was arrested for possession of marijuana and released on $2,500 bond. (Photo by Hudspeth Country Sheriff's Department/Getty Images)